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Grocery Shopping

A Powerful System for the Retail Industry

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Retail POS System

Retail stores often struggle to serve a huge amount of customers and transactions efficiently. EBI helps you to solve this issue by:

optimizing checkout process

managing huge inventory

keep track of inventory level

Manage at your fingertips with EBI-POS


easily manage multiple branches from one office with fully auto data merge


highly automated commission system for different staff / services

Barcode Scanning

attached barcode on every item for faster checkout

Appointment Book

easily and effectively manage customers appointment to improve customer satisfaction


package / prepaid membership with flexible user configuration

Weighing Scale

connect an electronic weighing balance and receive weigh data 

Flexible Label Printing

customize your labels and stickers that represent your brand

Customizable Receipts

customize your receipts that represent your brand

Employee Management

access time attendance by PIN / password

Go Cashless with SQL EBI POS

EBI-POS provides multiple payment options for customers. Encourage your customers to go cashless by paying via credit cards / eWallets

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