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Your Ultimate POS System & Data Analytics System

Take full control of your business on any device with EBI Softwares

We are the innovators who breathe and dive into technology world to help businesses manage at their fingertips

Any Device

access EBI on PC, tablet / smartphone that suits your store setup

Easy Setup

our user-friendly interface allows you to setup your store in a few minutes with zero knowledge

Hybrid Based

system works as usual even internet is down


products will be upgraded to meet latest trends and requirements

Better Insights

numerous real time reports to see how your business is doing

Affordability & Flexibility

Start with our basic package and upgrade later to enjoy more awesome features

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Serve More Than A POS System

We have all features for your lovely store. Start small and expand your business together with EBI-POS system.


highly automated commission system for different staff / services


package / prepaid membership with flexible user configuration


easily manage multiple branches from one office with fully auto data merge

Inventory Control

PO, DO, invoices, GRN, stock adjustment, stock transfer, costing etc.

Marketing Tools

email blast, birthday notification, automatic promotion detection

Appointment Book

easily and effectively manage customers appointment to improve customer satisfaction

Expand with EBI POS System

With easy operation on any smart phone or tablet, you have the freedom to add / design each cashier counter with fansy hardware that suit the counter space.

It's Cloud Sync!

Having more than one store in different locations? We got you covered!

Link all data across outlets to HQ through cloud synchronization for complete reporting and analysis.

Explore Other Product / Service


Big Data Analytics

a platform that converts data into ready-to-use reports for analysis



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